Dimension Four
by Brent Holmes
Copyright © DaedelusRex, 2010
1. With each step, I grow a beard.
With each hat, it grows white.

2.  I met myself at 6 years old at a crossroads.
He asked me if I were the devil.  I kept walking.

3.  When asked if I could do it over again, would I,
I answer differently depending on the color of my hair.

4.  I met myself at 13 years old at a crossroads.
He beat me up and yelled at me for lying.  I laid there.

5.  When I die, my life will flash before my eyes,
and none of it will be familiar to me.

6.  I met myself at 27 years old at a crossroads.
He shook my hand and smiled.  I walked away, upbeat.

7.  If I am different with every passing moment, and every seven years,
is my name a bracket holding together multiple people?

8.  I met myself at 31 years old at a crossroads.
He asked me plainly if I should keep going.  I lied to him.

9.  Time
Is a bitch.

10.  I met myself at 38 years old at a crossroads.
We looked each other in the eyes before he ran away.  I followed him.

11.  Every part of every person is unique.
But every part of every person is changing.

12.  I met myself at birth at a crossroads.
I smiled and picked him up saying, You have no idea what you're getting into.

13.  Time
is a bitch.

14.  I met myself at a crossroads.
We stared at each other long in the eyes.

We kept walking.
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